Friday, August 3, 2012

Reuters Pull Artice : Rebel Resistance Collapses In Key Suburbs

Many thanks to Maya via twitter

Maya Naser @nasermaya

Here is a very interesting development from Reuters which was taken down from their site as quick as it was posted. I had read it, went to check another article, came back and it was gone! Several Google feeds that picked up the story have also lost their feed. Anyhow I found a message board where someone did a copy & paste, so grateful he/she did!

Major development indeed and check out the video or Syrian Army reinforcements being deployed to Aleppo. Doesn't look like an army that is in anyway stretched or short of resources. Looks like the NATO rats are about to get few cans of whoop-ass opened on them this weekend!

Rebel resistance collapses in key suburbs
The Syrian rebels fighting the forces of Assad have fallen in key districts of their stronghold Salah Al Deen in Aleppo. This comes hours after the army has announced that it has destroyed the communication network provided by Turkey. Earlier the rebel forces have complained that they are running low on ammunition as the city has been completely surrounded by government forces, coupled with lack of communications, has left the rebels in disarray. Several trucks with mounted heavy machine guns have been destroyed, leading to the deaths of 20 rebels.

According to footage on the ground, the rebel forces in Aleppo have failed to take Aleppo Citadel, contrary to earlier reported news. A journalist on the ground, Hussein Murtada, has reported that an attempt to damage the ancient Citadel’s walls by rebel missiles was repelled by security forces, resulting in the death of General Mustafa Al Sheikh and Abdul Jabar Aqede, field Marshals of the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo.

Columns of Syrian tanks were seen entering the city earlier in the day, suggesting that the army was ready to route out all resistance in the western districts which have presence of rebel forces who have evicted residents from the more at link provided above article...