Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Homs : #NATO And The #BBC Collude In Media Propaganda To Assist In Yet Another Middle East Massacre!

The 'Free Syrian Army' - the so-called 'rebel' group armed and funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar - is involved in a violent insurgency against the Syrian government. That is not just my opinion, it is the view of the Arab League observer mission sent into the country to gather evidence against the ruling Assad regime. But when reports didn't fit the political agenda, the League pulled the plug on the mission, and the Syrian government was subtlely blamed.

Of course, you don't hear anything of
the mission's report on BBC or other corporate news sources. Instead, Assad is portrayed as leading an indiscriminate slaughter in the 'rebel' stronghold of Homs. Today, BBC reported that "15 people had died as tanks and artillery continued to bombard the city of Homs". It didn't mention how many were on each side, or even that there are sides. The implication was that the Syrian government had done all the killing.

And maybe they had. After all, Assad is a brutal dictator, and he does carry out atrocities against the Syrian people. But then we are now
almost a year into an armed insurgency, so how do we expect him to react? How would David Cameron react if 'rebels' armed by Norway and Denmark were holding Glasgow? In its willingness to cheerlead for NATO 'intervention' - i.e. a western-led bloodbath - the oh-so-conservative media finds itself supporting more