Monday, May 28, 2012

#Syria: The #Guardian Propaganda War Machine Kicks Into Overdrive.


New evidence -- the Guardian might call it evidence; I call it outright hearsay and conjecture -- has emerged that members of Bashar al-Assad's family and inner circle are directly ordering the commission of crimes against humanity in Syria. Experts in international law --the same experts who signed off on the merciless bombing of Libya? -- consider it "preposterous and completely implausible" that the president himself would be unaware of the systematic and widespread killing and torture.

Defectors from Syrian intelligence and security agencies, -- question: how does the Guardian know they are from these agencies? Moreover, why should should we listen to their allegations, when they may well be working for Saudi intelligence or the FSA? Is this the 'evidence' the Guardian is talking about? -- used by the regime to crush the revolt, claim that Assad's cousin issued shoot-to-kill orders against civilian protesters in Dera'a, the cradle of the insurrection. Kill quotas were reportedly issued to snipers tasked with assassinating pro-democracy activists.

They allege -- since when do perhaps baseless allegations count as 'evidence'? -- that Assad's brother Maher, a senior army commander, was among senior figures operating out of a secret command centre in Dera'a when orders were issued to contain a protest march by all means necessary.

More than 100 civilians were shot dead. -- this claim 'might' well be true, but it fails to explain how an armed uprising quickly mobilised and established two military strongholds inside the Syrian state (Homs and Baba Amr). Nor does it explain why NATO/GCC command centres sought to send weapons to Islamic extremist organisations immediately after the incident in Dera'a -- In addition, Maher is accused -- that's right 'accused' but not 'charged' on the basis of 'factual claims and evidence' -- of ordering the indiscriminate mass punishment of the entire male population of a troublesome town, al-Moudamya, last year. more