Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Syria:#Houla 'Massacre' #NATO And Danny Abdul Dayem - Perfect Timing !


The timing of this reported massacre is very, very interesting, just a few days after the NATO meeting in Chicago. The war-on-seven-nations-in-five-years plan had stalled in Syria, and NATO was struggling for an excuse to invade. First they injected the Sunni al Qaeda types to overthrow Assad. Then when that didn't work they started to claim that al Qaeda might take over (even though that is what happened in Libya) so we must invade to stop them.

But we also have to ask, if such a massacre has indeed taken place then would it have taken place if the terrorist financiers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar had not injected $100 million dollars into the pockets of the Sunni al Qaeda types when the Annan peace plan was first being implemented, things were calming down and Assad had gained control, and the likes of NATO had not decided to assist in providing logistics and advice to the Sunni al Qaeda types.

I have deep, deep scepticism of this. It does not make sense at all that the Syrian government would shell a civilian area, and for so long, and with UN observers so close.

But we know the track record of how NATO media has been manipulated before. The classic is Danny Abdul Dayem, the guy caught out testing sound effects before an interview with CNN, which brings into question every single report he made, some of which look very similar to those posted on the internet showing bloodied bandaged children, etc alleged to show the result of the alleged assault on Houla.

But the sickest propaganda came when it was alleged that 18 babies had died in their incubators after it was alleged that the Syrian military had turned off the power, either deliberately or through shelling. But despite the outcry no evidence has been shown to prove the allegation.