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#Syria #Houla #Homs:West-backed Terrorists Used Forbidden Weapons against the Syrian National Army

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Syria - Idleb Countryside : 06.May.2012
Terrorists infiltrated the village of Salqeen through the Turkish borders and attacked with chemical weapons and thermal missiles a Syrian border guard post. The result was 7 martyrs or 7 Charred Bodies...
Turkey, that still has the mentality of the Ottoman empire and is still proud of its Ottoman history, harbors the so-called "Free Syrian army", a bunch of Salafi and Wahhabi pigs. Turkey, the NATO member, was too generous and supplied the terrorists of the Syrian opposition with thermal missiles and chemical weapons. Ottoman Turkey is trying nowadays to add a new achievement to its already-full record of genocides.
The US government keeps saying that the peaceful nuclear program of Iran poses a threat to the world peace and it forgets everything about the Israeli nuclear program.
The US and Israel accused Syria of developing a secret nuclear program while all the evidences prove the opposite.
They keep referring to the Syrian chemical arsenal as a threat to the world peace, and we all know that both the US and Israel used forbidden weapons in their wars. The Syrian chemical weapons are stored in high-secure facilities, and they were never used unlike the Iraqi arsenal that was used against Iran and against the Iraqis themselves with the bless of the US government.
The US government keeps warning the entire world that many terrorist organizations are trying to get weapons of massive destruction. Yes, quite true! The so-called "Free Syrian Army" is one of those, and it looks like that FSA already got some from the US and its allies.
The only threat to the world peace is the US government and its allies.

It is worth mentioning that many analyses referred to the recent explosions in Damascus to be the work of non-conventional explosives.
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