Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Syria : #Avaaz & 'DANNY' On #Twitter Sponsoring Fake Reporting From Syria And Destabilizing The Middle East For NATO Strikes!

"Fashioned in the citizen-politics spirit of MoveOn in the US and 38 Degrees in the UK, it galvanises public opinion online and uses it to influence those with the power to implement change. While MoveOn and 38 Degrees focus on national issues. Patel and the Avaaz faithful want to fix the world."
they did Libya too
and of course as the name they are targeting Iran
if I take their concept seriously it is the preparation of world governance - voting on what should happen the other side of the world.
It is vile on several levels
"Avaaz is 100% member-funded and thus only accountable to its members" this means they are completely unaccountable in what they are doing, or how do you think members who do not know each other are supposed to control a virtual setup like this.