Thursday, July 26, 2012

Syria: The Cemetary Of Western Credibility.

The slicing of women's breast 's, nothing new to an American soldier, they did this often to the Indian tribes to make tobacco pouches. They were savages then and they are savages now.

by Timothy Bancroft-HincheyPravda.Ru

The West is backing Jabhat Al Nosrah, the al-Qaida branch in Syria. After Libya, only an idiot would believe a word iterated by the west and particularly, the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US), which backed a terrorist group on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s own list of proscribed factions. As the west and its terrorists grow desperate, read on and see what they are planning. First stop: False Flag event at the Olympics?

The repulsive filth we saw in Libya, slicing the breasts off women, murdering, torching buildings, torturing, raping, looting, committing ethnic cleansing is the political epitaph of Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy and JuppĂ©, the FUKUS Axis. The lawsuit has been launched (*), not yet taken up, but that matters not. The lack of action only underlines the lack of credibility as international law is insulted and not applied. The “West”, ladies and gentlemen, is one evil clique of demonic savages, believe me.

This murderous filth is back, in Syria, joining up with the traitors and dregs of Syrian society wanting to make a fast buck by supporting these western hypocrites, implementing a west-friendly government as yet another Arab nation is humiliated and destroyed, as it is used either for its resources or for its strategic importance. In the case of Syria, it is not a question of freedom and democracy – it is a question of depriving Russia of its Mediterranean base and it is a stepping-stone towards the forthcoming attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Central Asia follows. Then Siberia. After Amazonia.

The villain in the story is not President Assad or his Government, backed by the majority of the Syrian people – he and they are desperately trying to defend themselves from terrorists, armed by the FUKUS-GCC Axis (France, UK, US and the Gulf Cooperation Council, cowardly Arab traitor states insulting Islam with their murderous collaboration and treachery) more