Saturday, July 21, 2012

Syria:The Daily Beast - Propaganda Mouthpiece Lays Plans To Set Up Assad As The U.S. Prepare To Use WMD's On Syria. REMEMBER We Already Know The CIA Are In Turkey !

Putin has already warned Washington not to try and go around the U.N. resolution after Susan Rice threatened they would indeed 'find a way'.

Chemical weapons will be used in Syria BUT by the West.


With the rebels moving deeper into Damascus, and the regime’s days appearing numbered, the CIA is racing to find Syria’s chemical and biological weapons before it’s too late.

With the days and weeks of the Syrian government appearing numbered, the Central Intelligence Agency is scrambling to get a handle on the locations of the country’s chemical and biological weapons, while assessing the composition, loyalties, and background of the rebel groups poised to take power in the event President Bashar al-Assad falls. more