Saturday, July 21, 2012

Syria : Depleted Uranium - How Does It Feel To Know That Tony Blair Was Complicit In The Deepest Of War Crimes - Can You take It On The Chin OR Would You Rather Turn Away And Pretend Iraq Never Happened ?

Finding the important stories within the mainstream media is never an easy task. When the story is critical of corporate or state power that task is almost impossible, the mainstream media tend to play down or as in this case, not report it at all (with the honourable exception of Patrick Cockburn of the London Independent below).
One reason the UK government does not want the use by British forces and the devastating effects of depleted uranium to be widely known amongst the general public is simple; there are serious legal consequences. For instance, many have posited that the use of DU weapons against civilians is a war crime. Similarly, the mainstream media do not want to report this as to do so would draw attention to their crimes and complicity in allowing government statements (or lack thereof) to go unchallenged. So the story is ignored by those tasked with informing the public and we’re left in the dark about the suffering of thousands of victims, many of them children. Read more...