Monday, July 2, 2012

Syria - Jouret Al-Shayah under Syrian Arab Army control 01-07-2012

Published on 2 Jul 2012 by

Addounia TV in Jouret al-Shayah, Homs 01-07-2012

Syrian security forces, backed-up by units of Syrian Army, have carried out a qualified operation against terrorists, in their camp located in Al-Mukharam area of Homs countryside.

A military Source have revealed to Breaking News correspondent that more than 100 militants have been annihilated inside their camp located near Talbeseh and Al-Rastan areas of Homs. Syrian security forces have diminished more than 50 armored vehicles equipped with machineguns, and more.

Our correspondent said that competent authorities have confiscated large amounts of arms inside the very camp.

In Homs city, the severe armed confrontations have continued in Al-Khaldiah, Al-Qusour and Jouret Al-Shayah neighborhoods. Breaking News correspondent affirmed quoting security sources that Syrian Arab Army has almost controlled entirely over Jouret Al-Shayah, after demolishing large number of the militants.

"Al-Amal Specialized Hospital has been liberated by Syrian Army units", the reporter added.

On the other hand, the correspondent indicated that gunmen have assassinated Lieutenant Basil Al-Sarem in Al-Khaldieh neighborhood by snipping him. That occurred before they abducted the body for negotiations with Syrian Arab Red Cross Crescent in order to hand it over.

Furthermore, a factory, used for explosive charges manufacturing gets exploded in Al-Qarabees neighborhood, which resulted in the death of the whole terrorists inside.