Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Report From Midan - Damascus.

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We went to Midan... The Army is killing... The Army is shelling - But we went to Midan (Ironic). Our big adress to our travel there was -Al-Midan, The Truth and the Event- so what happend
man: "We heard that some people who went out from Douma went to live there. Yes there are armed gangs."
man: "We heard that bullets have been fired at 10 am."
man: "The armed groups are going from place to place. First they were in YALDA then in BABILA yesterday they were in Tadamun and today in Midan. And thank god our Army members will catch them and i hope that the crisis will end."
Two Citizens Injured in Booby-trapped Car Blast in al-Midan Neighborhood

After being hardly hit by the authorities, members of the armed terrorist groups blew up a booby-trapped car in al-Midan injuring two people, according to the source.
The terrorist attack resulted in injuring two citizens and caused great damage to the buildings, shops and cars in the site of the blast.
Some residents of al-Midan neighborhood said that the neighborhood is one of the most densely populated areas in Damascus that is why the gunmen wanted to use the innocent Syrian citizens as human shields.
The residents hailed the efforts of the Syrian Army members who evacuated the citizens and helped them flee away from the explosive devices and bombings carried out by the terrorist gunmen.
Some citizens said that the gunmen entered the neighborhood and opened fire randomly using different types of weapons then the Syrian army forces interfered, clashed with the terrorists and released the detained citizens.
They expressed gratitude for the Syrian army, stressing their cooperation with authorities in chasing the terrorists, pointing out that the terrorist acts will not undermine their determination or unity.

UPDATE : The authorities continue to chase down armed terrorist groups in the outskirts of al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus, inflicting heavy losses in the terrorists' ranks.