Thursday, July 12, 2012

Syria : The Guardians Martin Chulov fails to follow basic journalistic procedures on Syria .

Source Lizzie Phelan

Here Martin Chulov of Britain's leading liberal newspaper, the Guardian, claims that a "reporter" called Ghatan Sleiba from Addounia TV (which he spells incorrectly in his article) has "defected" from what he calls the "pro-Assad" channel. In the interests of getting the whole story, why didn't Chulov at least call up Addouniya and ask them their side of the story? Even if he was just to get a no comment?

If Chulov would have made such contact, he would have got more than no comment. He would have been told, as Addounia has stated in this report below that not only has Sleiba never worked for them but that they have never heard of him before. Then Chulov would have been able to investigate further, by doing something crazy like asking Sleiba for documents to prove that he had worked for Addounia, or simply asked him for a portfolio of video reports he had produced for more