Friday, July 20, 2012

Syria: Huge Explosion In Damascus - Wi-Fi and 3G cut-off - RT reporter

Huge explosion strikes Syrian capital Damascus
Huge explosion strikes Syrian capital Damascus

A massive blast has occured in the Syrian capital Damascus, says RT's correspondent on the ground. Internet access has been cut off. According to security sources, the Syrian army has begun a counter attack to regain control of the capital.

­RT's correspondent Maria Finoshina said it was "the loudest explosion heard in days", with internet and WI-FI access disappearing immediately afterwards. 

According to Syrian State TV, government forces carried out 'Operation Damascus Volcano' and recaptured the disctrict of Medin in a "fierce fight". Syrian Observatory of Human Right, a British-based watchdog, said "tanks and armed personnel carriers stormed the district", which is located in the south of the capital.