Saturday, July 7, 2012

Syria: Kofi Annan - International Community Has Failed Syria.

Globalization exposed as self-serving, driven by elitist special interests. 

by Tony Cartalucci

July 8, 2012 - Whatever role the UN's Kofi Annan was playing, it appears that at least his latest statements have in fact been neutral, with the Western media taking it upon itself to then twist his comments out of context by constructing a fictitious narrative of mind-bending proportions. The London Guardian, in true propagandist form stated in an article titled, "Kofi Annan attacks Russia and west's 'destructive competition' over Syria," that "Kofi Annan has issued a blunt warning that Syria will face a spreading civil war and risk a spillover of the conflict unless Russia, the west and Arab states end their "destructive competition" to force a ceasefire and launch a political process that the opposition insists must see President Bashar al-Assad step down."

By mentioning Russia first and by presenting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's resignation as the only viable option to end the violence, the Guardian attempts to spin Annan's comments as an attack on solely the Syrian government and its international supporters, which include Russia, China, and a large bloc of South American nations, collectively representing over a billion people.

Image: Coincidence? As US State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton was attending a "Friends of Syria" conference in Paris to map out the next leg of violent Western-backed subversion against Damascus, US State Department-led Amnesty International staged a "march" in the streets of Paris featuring protesters carrying the old French colonial flag of Syria in support of NATO's militant proxies. Manufacturing public consensus where none exists is a specialty of modern Western imperialism. (Photo: AFP) more