Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syria: NATO Carrying Out Vast Syria Disinformation Campaign .

Updates on Syria conflict + VoltaireNet's June 2012 warning of vast NATO disinformation campaign now seemingly underway. (Latest updates at link provided)

UPDATED July 19, 2012 - After over a year of suspicion and tacit confirmations that the US and Israel were behind the violence in Syria, Haaretz of Israel has now confirmed that US and Israeli officials are planning strikes against Syrian "weapon facilities," citing the unfounded threat of "chemical weapons."

This after
a recent Washington Post article confirming both US and Israeli intelligence are on Syria's borders overseeing and directing the arming and funding of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA). 

In reality, this week's violence was a premeditated, concerted campaign timed to pressure the UN Security Council and shake the support of Russia and China ahead of a highly anticipated vote on sanctions.

Syria has in fact suffered years of instability and violent terrorist campaigns in the past, including the Muslim Brotherhood's assassination of high ranking military officials, and still prevailed. It is unlikely that Syria has reached a "turning point" in favor of the FSA who has yet to gain a military victory on the battlefield and has been resigned to terrorist tactics. Instead, Syria has reached a point where it will be untenable for the West to continue portraying the FSA as "activists," "victims," or "pro-democracy."

This will play well into the now fully untied hands of the Syrian military, which is why both the US and Israel are eager to justify at least limited strikes on "weapons facilities," in an effort to balk the inevitable and merciless counter-stroke by the Syrian people against the West's campaign of armed subversion.

Readers should be aware of the prospect of a false flag chemical weapons attack carried out by FSA terrorists, or their Western backers, in order to justify an air campaign targeting Syrian military more