Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syria : Obama - Whitehouse Glee On Todays Suicide Bombings.

Completely failing to condemn a suicide bombing which killed several senior Syrian officials in Damascus today, the Obama White House instead lauded the attack as a sign that the “window is closing” on Bashar Assad’s regime.
While the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton have been quick to denounce claims of violence carried out by Assad’s forces with vitriolic gusto and emotive humanitarian condemnation, today’s deadly bombing was met with thinly veiled glee.

According to a Reuters update, the “White House says violence is not the answer in Syria but attack on Assad’s inner circle shows “window is closing.” White House says international community needs to act in a unified way.”

In other words, while claiming violence is not the answer, the Obama administration simultaneously upholds the suicide bombing carried out by terrorists as a rhetorical threat against the Assad regime.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and British Defense Minister Philip Hammond also refused to condemn the attack, instead using it as a tool to exert “maximum pressure” on Assad to step down.

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