Sunday, July 15, 2012

Syria: Russia And China Will Not Play American Games With Syria - Analyst.

A political analyst says Moscow and Beijing will refuse to be drawn into the “US game” for sanctions and military intervention in Syria.

“Russia and China won't play Washington's game [in Syria],” Stephen Lendman said in an article published on the Press TV website.

“So far both countries hold firm. They oppose further sanctions and outside intervention.”

Lendman added that the “strategically timed” carnage in the village of al-Treimseh in the west of Syria, which coincided with the UN Security Council considerations of harsher measures against President Bashar al-Assad, “raises obvious red flags.”

“Insurgents are enlisted, armed, funded, trained, and directed by Western and regional special forces. They decide strategy, targets, and timing. Armies need leadership to operate effectively. So do killer gangs.”

The United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) said Sunday over 150 people were killed in the July 12 attack on al-Treimseh, located on the outskirts of the city of Hama.

While eye witnesses who appeared on Syrian TV said terrorists were behind the killings, the US State Department issued a statement on July 13, saying, "The regime deliberately murdered innocent civilians. Syria cannot be peaceful, stable, or democratic until Assad goes and a political transition begins."

Lendman said more anti-Syrian measures should be expected in the future: “Likely larger-scale false flags are planned. Assad will be wrongfully blamed.”

“Washington's bloodstained hands are all over the Treimseh massacre. [US President Barack] Obama officials also bear direct responsibility for earlier Houla and Qubair ones,” he more