Friday, July 20, 2012

Syria: Video - Journalists Tour Syrian Capital - This Special Report By Maya Naser For Press TV.

Please visit link for video

Following the terrorist explosion in Syria, ministry of information organized a journalist tour for what is supposed to be war zones inside Damascus city. By this tour, the journalists saw everything you will not see on international media corporations

Tension on ground is high, and the militia backed by the West and their Arab allies who call themselves Free Syrian Army are escalating their activities on ground.

Syrian Administration has called repeatedly for a dialogue accepting proposals from Russia and Iran, yet it seems the oppositions cannot agree on clear stand regarding political solutions in Syria.

In response to PRESS TV question on UN role, the head of UN observers mission said that more effective UN role in Syria is needed for the coming period.

Syrians believe they are at war. They say will to take it to the end if needed.
The war escalation on Syrian people has its reflects on Syrian society; yet Syrians say whether UN observers mission decides to stay or leave, they will only accept an internal political solution.