Sunday, July 8, 2012

Syria : Wikileaks & Assange - Some Now Question Their Motives - Why Choose NOW To Release This Information - What IS The Assange Agenda ?

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According to wikileaks Sarah Harrison, SO far these so cold embarrassments 'Syria's opponents, are that the emails reveal interactions between western companies

LulzSec was already exposed as an FBI operation earlier this year.

In a biography about assange by a guardian journalist it is revealed he deliberately with held damaging information about Israel.

In the past, wikileaks, building case for war with Iran, claiming paradoxically that Shi'ite iran was cooperating wahabist Al Qaeda, the CIA led organisation ideologically set on annihilate Iran.

Wikileaks has been used as a tool to stir up an anti-putin campaign. And it is supposed to have been involved in sparking off the arab sping by by publishing derogatory material about now osted Tunisian President Ben Ali leaked.

Webster Tarpley has reported that Wikileaks is funded by george Soros.

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