Thursday, July 12, 2012

Syria:Authorities Destroyed Two Boats Used By Terrorists To Transfer Weapons To Homs.

The authorities on Thursday clashed with a number of terrorists on board two boats in Qitina Lake in Homs province that were transferring weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups in the village of al-Qseir in the province's countryside.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities destroyed the two boats completely.

3 Boats Filled with Weapons and Terrorists Destroyed
In Deir Azzour Governorate, the competent security authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups boarding three boats coming from the Iraqi territories in the Euphrates.
SANA reporter quoted a source at the governorate as saying that the clashes resulted in the destruction of the 3 boats, which were also filled with weapons.

Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Daraa and Lattakia Causing them Big Losses
 In Daraa, law enforcement members clashed with an armed terrorist group which blocked the highway in Khabab village for stealing passengers' cars.
An official source in the Province said that three members of the terrorist group were killed, as the other members were arrested.
Mohammad Fuad al-Turkmani, one of the killed terrorist members was identified.
In Lattakia Province, the authorities hunted an armed terrorist group in al-Rabia town in Lattakia countryside, causing big losses to the terrorists.
An official source in the Province told SANA reporter that a number of the terrorists fled to the Turkish borders, pointing out that the authorities confiscated amounts of weapons and ammunition from the terrorists.

Military Engineering Units Dismantle 3 Roadside Bombs Planted by Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb
Military engineering units dismantled on Thursday 3 roadside bombs, each weighs over 100 kilograms, planted by armed terrorist groups on Idleb-Ariha highway.
A source in the province told SANA correspondent that the roadside bombs were set to be remotely detonated to attack civilians and law-enforcement forces.
The source added that the competent authorities arrested the terrorists who planted the roadside bombs.
Meanwhile, the competent authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group that attacked law-enforcement forces in Ariha city and seized the terrorists' weapons.

Competent Authorities Cause Armed Terrorist Group Heavy Losses in Homs
The competent authorities clashed on Thursday with an armed terrorist group in Homs city causing them heavy losses.
A source in the province told SANA correspondent that during the clashes some terrorists tried to run away with a car; however, the competent authorities destroyed the car.

Authorities clash with terrorists at al-Trimsa Town in Hama countryside
The competent security forces today clashed with armed terrorist groups at al-Trimsa town in Hama countryside, arresting a number of terrorists and causing great losses among them.
SANA reporter said that the clashes, which came after the appeals of families, led to confiscating the terrorists' weapons.