Monday, July 16, 2012

Syria:Dr. Jihad Makdessi the Spokesman for the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that what happened in Al Tremseh, , was not a massacre. it was a clash between the army and terrorist groups.

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Jihad Makdessi said those who were killed in al-Treimseh are from the terrorists whose number reached 37 and two civilians.

He stressed that the Syrian army has not used any heavy weapons in the area and used only personnel carriers and light weapons, adding that clashes between the law-enforcement personnel and the terrorists lasted only for few hours.

What really happend in Tremseh that is not even 1 km² big. And the military attack on the village and the fight between the the Army and the Terrorists was asserted today by Dr. Jihad Makdessi the Spokesman for the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry in a press conference held today in Damascus.

"Yesterday we received a letter from Mr. Kofi Annan addressed to the Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem. The least that can be said about this letter about what happened in Tremseh is that it did not rely on facts and as diplomatically as possible, we say that this letter was very rushed."

"Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem send also a letter as an answer to Mr. Kofi Annan"
Makdessi said that armed terrorist groups overran the town and terrorized its people, adding that the terrorists launched attacks against the law-enforcement personnel from this town.
"An 11 vehicle integrated patrol, comprised of specialized military and civilian observers,
arrived in Treimseh. The UN Team plans to go back into Treimseh

on Sonday to continue their fact finding mission."

"Government forces did not use planes, or helicopters, or tanks or artillery. The heaviest weapon used was an RPG (rocket propelled grenade)," Makdissi t o ld reporters at a news conference in Damascus.
The Foriegn Ministry Spokesman said: " We had documented more than 10500 violations of Annan's plan by the armed groups"