Monday, July 16, 2012

Syria:Nawaf Fares Defector And Now Western Puppet - Happy To Sing To The BBC And Repeat What He Has Been Paid To Say - 'The Regime Will Not Hesitate To Use Chemical Weapons If It Is Cornered.'

Nawaf Fares has sold his soul and is now a puppet for the west. The Guardians Charlie Skelton exposed the sinister plot by Washington and London for regime change in Syria. If you have not read the explosive article please do so here at link provided. Charlie's article on my blog alone has had more than 6,000 views.People are beginning to wake up to the evil of Cameron , Hague, Clinton and her sidekick Obama.

The ONLY country to use chemical weapons on innocent civilians are the Americans, they used them in Iraq , they used them in Libya. Israel have used them in the Lebanon , war heads were found containing uranium .

IF chemical weapons were to be used in Syria it will be because OBAMA has supplied them to his NATO backed terrorists. China and Russia are watching very closely the movements of this black zionist Israeli so called 'president' and they will not give the green light for NATO strikes no matter how many massacres this evil war criminal orchestrates.


Nawaf Fares, ex-ambassador to Iraq, said unconfirmed reports indicated such weapons might have already been used.

He also ssacrifices are reduced," he said.

'Wounded wolf'

Syria is known to have a significant stockpile of chemical weapons.

There have been growing concerns in neighbouring countries and in key Western governments about the security of such weapons should the regime fall.

Asked if he thought President Assad might us chemical weapons against the opposition, Mr Fares described him as "a fully-fledged criminal like a wounded wolf".

"There is information, unconfirmed information, that chemical weapons have been used in Homs," he said.

"I am convinced that if Bashar al-Assad's regime is further cornered by the people… he would use such weapons."

Violence is continuing to spread across the country and in the capital Damascus as rebels - now better equipped and more organised - confront the army and government-backed militia.
Witnesses say the capital is currently seeing the biggest military deployment in the 16-month uprising.

Activists say that troops backed by armoured vehicles have entered the Midan district to try to dislodge rebels.aid that major bombings across Syria had been orchestrated by the regime in collaboration with al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is due to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria.

Russia is a key ally of Syrian and the meeting comes amid mounting pressure for tougher international action on Syria, which has been in turmoil since March last year when an attempted uprising began.

The UN observer mission's mandate in Syria comes on to an end on Friday and a new UN resolution is needed to renew it.

Mr Fares said President Bashar al-Assad would not relinquish power peacefully.
He said he would only be ousted by force "even if he will have to eradicate the entire Syrian people".

Mr Fares was the most prominent politician to defect since the uprising against President Assad began.

He has held senior positions in the ruling Baath Party and powerful security services, and served as governor in several provinces.

He told BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner that the government "will inevitably fall".

"It is absolutely sure that this government will fall in a short time. We wish for this time to be short so that more