Saturday, June 16, 2012

#Syria: Peace Plan Is Not Desired.

Assad’s opponents gearing up

Although it quickly became clear that the massacre of al-Hula (al-Houla) went to the account of anti-government fighters, it has since been used to inflame the opinion against the Syrian leadership. Many agitators have declared, once more, the peace plan, proposed by Kofi Annan, as a failure, and leading Western politicians call again loudly for military intervention. Despite their verbal support for Annan’s efforts, the NATO countries have apparently never wished its success, they have beyond very open pursued a regime change.

Immediately after the adoption of the peace plan, they have promised to the armed, local and foreign, anti-regime fighters over $ 100 million for pay and equipment at the Istanbul meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, a trade under a name “intervention alliance”, together with the Arab feudal lords, over $ 100 million for pay and equipment.  And this money was apparently already effective invested.

The rebels received now a lot more and better weapons since weeks, as it was reported by the Washington Post in mid-May, funded by the Gulf monarchies and coordinated by the United States. The U.S. government had extended the contact with the armed opposition forces, and provides the Arab dynasties with assessments of credibility and the command structure of the rebel groups. Was the rebels slowly assumed the munitions two months ago, there were now huge supplies which came into the country.

Also, a few are flown arms indicate a tremendous influx of military equipment to the insurgents. For example, as the Lebanese Navy has intercepted freighter Lutfallah II on 28 April on its journey from Alexandria to Tripoli in northern Lebanon, they found three containers with 150 tons of weapons and ammunition, including rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, artillery, grenades and explosives.

When the Lebanese have pursued the case further, they also discovered two warehouses full of weapons in Tripoli, which should be smuggled across the nearby border.

This smuggling does not only mean a infringement of international agreements, obviously some powers are trying to sabotage the implementation of the peace plan, as the Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on these and other findings.

Soon, the effects of the new weapons was easy to be observed, according to the Washington Post, for example, at battles for the city of Rastan, near Homs, were the rebels have stormed an army base and killed 23 soldiers.

Suddenly, also heavy T72 tanks began in a growing number to burst into fireballs, which the rebels could only harm less to April.

But meanwhile they were, like the Israeli Military Intelligence Service DEBKAfile has reported, equipped with the most modern anti-tank weapons of the “third generation” of the United States. In addition, the Turkish intelligence service was given the green light to equip the Islamist fighters with booby traps and to train them in their use. Even modern German machine guns of the type “HK MG4″ by Heckler & Koch, which are otherwise used by the German armed forces, are now in use of the rebels, according to information of DEBKAfile.

Moreover, Washington is actively seeking to boost the insurgency. Government members met with Syrian Kurds according to the Washington Post to discuss the opening of a “second front” against the Syrian government in the north of the country where the situation remained quiet so far. Thus, the Syrian army would be forced to withdraw forces from the West.

Also, Berlin is not idle. Under the German Presidency, a multinational “workgroups” has commenced with their work in Abu Dhabi, which will lead the economic emergency measures for the period after the fall of the Assad regime in the way. It was implemented at the Istanbul meeting of the “Friends of the Syrian people”.

Meanwhile, insurgents train “terrorist tactics” in training camps in Kosovo, as Russia Today has reported, and they get advise by the experienced KLA leaders how to manipulate the Western public and to create pretexts for a NATO intervention. This also happens in the EU protectorate certainly not without German support.

The training of Syrian fighters by Western and Arab military and secret service members is already in progress for a long time. Agents of the CIA, and British, and French Special Forces are already active in Syria as a consultant. The anti-tank weapons of the “third generation”, which are now used to decimate the Syrian fleet of T72 tanks, were certainly not passed away without direct instructions on more