Saturday, June 16, 2012

Syria:FSA terrorists holding hundreds of civilians trapped in Homs as human shields, SNC threatened with massacre 16th June 2012

Comment: There is no way of knowing if this is true until we hear further reports to back it up.


From Israel, the Israel lobby, the Lebanese March 14 coalition, as well as GCC and NATO members supported the terrorist group FSA Feltman-hold in the Syrian city of Homs trapped hundreds of civilians as human shields. In this way the terrorists want to avoid being arrested by Syrian security forces.
The Agenzia Fides, the newspaper of the Pontifical Mission Societies have, on Friday a dramatic appeal published by the FSA terrorists in Homs as human shields in Homs detained innocent civilians, to ask where this matter to be allowed to leave controlled by terrorists areas of Homs and allowed to go into non-government controlled areas.
The local commander of Abu Maan FSA refuses to let go of his hostages.
My party book documents published by the Agenzia Fides appeal because of the urgency of the matter in its entirety below:
2012-06-15ASIA / SYRIA - Urgent Appeal of the detained civilians in Homs: "Let's go!"
Homs (Agenzia Fides) - "Let us go, in God's name", plead Christian and Sunni families who are in the old city of Homs in mortal danger. There are about 800 people, including women, older people, young people and children whose lives, according to observers on the ground "at risk actually is. They live in the light of the ongoing fighting and bombing in great fear. "
The detained families request the United Nations, the Red Cross and Red Crescent to "humanitarian aid".

The affected families living in the center of Homs in the districts Warsheh, Salibi, Bustan, sofa, ozone Hamidyeh, Wadi Sayeh. The Syrian army is said to have agreed to a truce to evacuate the civilians, but this is rejected by opposition groups under the leadership of Abu Maan. The militiamen are concerned that the Syrian army would step up its offensive after the evacuation of civilians. About 400 Christians still live in the town of Homs. Before the conflict began, there were over 80,000.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 15/6/2912)
The support of the NATO political arm of the terrorist group FSA, the so-called "Syrian National Council" (SNC), headquartered in Turkey, has responded to the appeal for the release of human shields by on his Facebook page instead of the release of human shields, with the possibility of a massacre in Homs threatened.