Sunday, June 17, 2012

#Syria: #Russia G20 Summit - Obama Meets Putin

Today begins the G20 summit in Mexico. Unofficially, this could be the platform, where Putin and the West will decide about the last deal on the topic Syria.
Everything indicates that the time for decisions to either Syria now is already there, or in close temporal proximity, so that it is imminent – there is just the weekend – can also be understood as a “now”.
There are lot of evidence suggests that the U.S. will announce its concrete track shortly. Here are aware no sources mentioned, there are tons of them and all are accessible to everybody (not just DEBKAfile).

Just one example: RussiaToday (RT) has quoted a source of the U.S. government with “not if but when in relation to an attack on Syria. There is nothing more just “on the table” as the Americans usually do announce their early attacks on sovereign states.

It’s all in all, about a possible and in not very distant time, military strike against air defenses and infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic, also about limited special operations on the ground, against the most valiant and loyal units of the Syrian army.

In parallel, a massive media attack is to expected, which should no more target the “world opinion” so much, but it should target on the people of Syria itself.

The goal of the “media campaign” is to spread panic, insecurity and instability. At the same time, all available armed rebel forces will be thrown on Syira from three directions: from Jordan for the province of Daraa, from Lebanon to the province of Homs and from Turkey through Idlib (Idleb) and Latakia. The initial occurrence of conflicts in the Syrian district and city of Hama is more