Thursday, June 21, 2012

Syria: Russia Plans Evacuation Of Russian Citizens From Syria.

Russia is planning the evacuation of Russians who are living in Syria. While the Western powers have prevented the confectionary redelivery of three (repaired) old Soviet helicopters to Syria, the country is now filled with modern NATO weapons.
After the grouchy joint press conference by Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama is the first serious information about the situation in Syria a message on
This messages states that several Russian ministries – the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Disaster Management, as well as the Russian fleet – have confirmed to the newspaper now that there are actual commands available about the preparation of plans for an evacuation of Russian citizens from Syria.

The Russian armed forces, including the fleet, as well as other services, have begun to make a start on certain responsibilities regarding the situation in Syria; in the first place, this could be the evacuation of Russian citizens and military personnel from the country or from the Russian naval base in Tartus (Tartous).