Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Syria: Tell Brits To Remove Cameron And See What Happens - Assad Advisor.

Colonial hegemony prevents the west from believing that Arab peoples are equal to westerners and have the right to choose their own system, Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to the Syrian president, told RT.

RT:Peacekeeping forces have confirmed that Syria is in a state of civil war, what would you say to that statement?

Bouthaina Shaaban: It is irresponsible to say that Syria is in a state of civil war, especially as we’re fighting terrorism. I think some media have a war on Syria.

RT: Do you think there can be trust restored between the western media and the Syrian government or will this media war only escalate?

BS: There are hundreds of journalists who came to Syria during the crisis. It is not true that we don’t give access to foreign journalists. Foreign journalists from all over the world came to Syria. But also there are satellite channels that made themselves part of the war on Syria, inciting sectarian violence, fabricating facts about what is happening in our country.

RT:But the media war itself – can it do any damage?

BS: The media war can do a lot of damage. Because when you have some religious man inciting sectarian hatred among the Syrian people – there are many people who fall victim to this incitement. Unfortunately, media wars have proved to be very effective throughout history.

RT: Do you feel like the Syrian government could lose in this conflict because of the media war?

BS: I don’t think so. Not to this extent but definitely it is costing lives of our more