Saturday, June 16, 2012

#Syria: Spanish Mercenaries In Syria - Reports One Dead.

by Claudia Gomez

The participation and death of Spanish mercenaries in armed actions in Syria was revealed by local media today.

The Syrian news agency SANA quoted reports from the Spanish dailies El Pais and El Mundo, which reported the death of the first Spanish terrorist in this country.

Both publications indicated that Spanish citizen Rachid Hussain Mohamed or Rachid Wahbi, born in Ceuta 32 years ago, who had worked as a taxi driver, died somewhere in Syria.

The circumstances of his death are unknown. Certainly, another two residents from Ceuta, Mustafa Mohamed Abselam, alias “Tafo” and Mustafa Mohamed Layachi, alias “Piti”, traveled to Syria through Turkey to join the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, said El Mundo.

It added that one of them is still missing and it was the third one who called to find out what had happened to his partners and raise the alarm.

For its part, El Pais assured that authorities are investigating how they were recruited, who paid for their trip, which route they followed and whether they coordinated with young Moroccans from Castillejos and Tetouan from which at least a dozen would-be jihadists also departed. It also added that all apparently travelled through the eastern provinces of Turkey, where the militia of the so-called Syrian Free Army (ESL) have a wide margin in which to maneuver.