Thursday, July 5, 2012

Syria: Al Jazeera CIA Mouthpiece - NATO Backed Terrorist Admits Working For Al Jazeera.

Published on 4 Jul 2012 by

English Translation:
The Terrorist Firas Omar Dakhoul admits his working with the qatari AlJazeera channel and Partners in the waste of Syrian blood. They were spreading false news and fabricated news from Homs.
Terrorist "I have met during a demonstration, a man, his name is Omar Rajaa. He said he has something for me, so I could earn money by calling to AlJazeera television channel. I agreed and he gave me everytime an appointment before half an hour with al jazeera. They had called me several times and asked me about what is happening in Homs, of course i told them not the truth. I called myself Activist Abou Zuheir from Joub al-Jandali. I told them that it was going badly for us and we were bombarded by the army, etc."