Thursday, July 5, 2012

Syria: The Guardian Lied About The Death Of Dr. David Kelly To Protect War Criminal Blair. The Guardian Now Fabricate Against A Damascus TV Channel ADDOUNIA.

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The British Guardian tried with their correspondent Martin Chulov in Antakya a disinformation on Syria. Chulov a journalist for the Middle East since 2005.

But it looks like he is in our region for some hours.

Back to the publishing of Guardian, the title of their news was 'Syrian regime TV reporter defects' and said that Ghatan Sleiba annouced his defection from Addounia TV and that he was before a presenter for Addounia TV.

Who is Ghatan Sleiba? - Nobody knows!

And is Addounia TV a government controlled tv station?!

The Guardian confuses us

Our interest to publish this news was that Ghatan Sleiba never worked for Addounia TV and nobody heard about him before between the presenters and reporters.

And he has never worked under any name for Addounia TV and this led to ask about credible of some western media that are trying since the early beginning of the Syrian crisis, fabrication of news and changing the truth which supports their conspiracy against Syria. It is similar to some Arab TV Channels