Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Syria: Turkey Fighter Jet Penetrated Syrian Airspace.

Published on 3 Jul 2012 by

A Russian military source said on Monday that Moscow has information which affirm that the Turkish F4 Phantom plane which was downed by the Syrian antiaircraft had penetrated the Syrian airspace.

A Russian source quoted as saying, "We have information on the exact location of the Turkish plane affirming that the plane had penetrated the Syrian airspace."

An authorized intelligence officer confirmed that Turkish Jet violated and downed in the Syrian territory.

According Wall Street Journal the aircraft was shot by a machine gun from a very close area while it was flying at an altitude of 200m.The aim of the flight was gathering intelligence and the jet was itself an intelligence aircraft.

Wall Street Journal also states that the fact that the pilots may have died is the strongest possibility.

According to WSJ's news Turkish Prime Ministers denial of air zone violation was mainly because of Turkish nation's severe criticism about what the mission was and why the territory was violated.