Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Syria: Qamishly - Syrian ex-patriates are visiting their homeland to show thir support for their people here who are confronting the media war.

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English Translation:
Syrian expatriates from Belgium and the Neatherlands arrived today in Qamishly.
Because of their love to their homeland, more than 120 Syrian expatriates from the Neatherlands and Belgium arrived to Qamishly to stand with their homeland in the crisis and were wearing the Syrian flag.

man "We the Syrian expatriates in the Neatherlands made a travelled called 'Syria is calling', so we joined it and we hope that other Syrian expatriates from around the world will visit our country. In Qamishly we have had a nice welcoming and our county is beautiful and very safe.
man "No matter in what situation, we will and did visit Syria"

woman "The travel was really easy we came from Amsterdam - Qamishly. It was not like before, where we changed the planes several times."

woman "Our travel to our homeland Syria...It is our land, our country. A country of freedom and democracy. Country with security."

They came under the line of 'Syria is calling to prove the all the people around the world that they support their country Syria to stay united and to plant the love between the Syrians.'

woman "It was the nicest travel. We wish Peace for the whole world and for Syria. And i want to tell to all of the Syrian expatriates to visit their homeland."

woman "I'm from France. I travelled via Brussels with the plane to Syria. I wanted to visit our homeland. Our homeland of security and peace."

man "We came to Syria to show the people around the world that Syria is fine and to support the Syrian people. We are aginst the conspiracy against Syria and i want to tell Hamad (emir of qatar) and Saoud (king of saudi arabia), stop arming, stop with your terrorism".

man "Dialogue is very important. All sides should sit on one table to build the new Syria under the leadership of President Dr. Bashar al-Assad."

Because the Syrian expatriates from the Neatherlands and Belgium couldn't stop thinking a moment about Syria, they came here to support the dialogue and stand against terrorism.
Camille Sehdo for Addounia TV News from Qamishli Airport.