Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Syria: Al Haffa Returning To Normal Life But Western Media Continue With Their Propaganda.

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English Translation:

Addounia correspondents saw that Weapons that belong to terrorists had been confiscated and people returning back to home.
Al Haffa is returning to normal life but the misleading -and blood media are keeping with their lies. man, "I confirm again that everything is fine in Haffa and the people can return back to their home. I heard in some news that some homes had been destroyed, these news are baseless". We went with our camera to babanna village, a village that was also attacked by the Terrorists which led the people went back from their home until the Syrian Arab Army came and cleansed their village from Terrorists.

man "I will stay here with my family, whatever will happen. We will keep stay at home"
man "We had armed groups here and now there are away and everything is fine. We hope that other citizens will come back, It's very calm here."
Names of locations and places change, but the same story is all over Syria.
For Addounia TV News from Latakia in Babanna - Latakia Countryside, -Linda al-Marqabi