Saturday, June 16, 2012

Syria. Amnesty International - U.S. Zionist Backed Organization ?

At Amnesty International (ai), there is a growing rumbling. Also in Germany, more and more members do ask, whether they are even still part of the right club. Backgrounds are the completely one-sided reports on individual countries and the silence on human rights violations in other countries.
Originally, Amnesty International (ai) has once begun, as a human rights organization, to be at the side of world’s political prisoners. For this, Amnesty International had earned a great deal of praise. But this is long ago.
The relative block-overlap policy of Amnesty International was quickly a thorn in the eyes of some Western powers and they began to infiltrate the organization systematically. From then on, it went downhill with neutrality. The infiltration of the organization with people, with have really nothing to do with the idea of Amnesty, is continued at a rapid pace since then.

The current high point of infiltration was the appointment of Suzanne Nossel as the Executive Director of Amnesty International in the United States. She is now the highest official of the organization.
In January 2012, Suzanne Nossel has directly joined Amnesty International, as she has left the U.S. State Department. So she comes directly from the government which is responsible for the maintenance of the detention center at Guantanamo. From a government that maintains killers – without any conscious process of law – for unwanted citizens of the U.S. president anywhere in the more