Sunday, June 3, 2012

#Syria: #HoulaMassacre Work Of Terrorists Claim Two Eye Witnesses

Damascus / Two witnesses to the massacre of Houla claim that the massacres in the area were the work of terrorists who had targeted families well determined, pro-Assad, and who refused to take part in demonstrations, to carry arms against the state and donate funds to terrorists.

The first witness testified that three days before the massacre, he had heard that something would happen on Friday, something very significant and impressive.

He said Friday in question, specifically after the prayer, a great gathering of armed men was held in al-Hara Chamalieh near the checkpoint of the police stationed on the place of Saâ, while another group of attackers had banded together to drive towards Sadd known by the road to Tripoli, others have taken the road of Nassiriya, and others Stou Road, the road to Abu Halawiyat
Zeid, towards marble factories in Beit Azzaher.

The two witnesses in question, which appeared on camera in the Syrian TV on condition of anonymity to preserve their faces hidden for security, stated that the terrorists came from several sectors and attacked at the same time the control points law enforcement using their sophisticated weapons.

They added that the images broadcast by satellite channels on the massacre of Houla belong to civilians and bodies of armed terrorists killed by security forces during their attack to increase the number of bodies to be exploited knowingly.

For his part, the second witness testified that foreigners in the village were among the terrorist groups.