Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#Syria: #Israel Are Determined To NATO Syria Using Hitler tactics . The Irony!

How do you deal with a regime that is not so easy to topple, such as it was the case in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and, ultimately, also in Yemen? The West is now biting at the teeth and Syria is no single strategy that could result in a short time to Assad to dethrone.

For more than 15 months, the Syrian government in Damascus is still on track and above all, by and large in the old line or replacements of positions due to elections and new appointments. The mass exodus and overflows in Syria have failed to date and are not to find. Who knows why this is so. The funding of the CIA was more successful in Libya, because there, it was perhaps easier to faster tear down the tribal associations because of their strained base.

Nevertheless, one can assume that there are enough forces in the Syrian government, who are interested in the current situation and who are carrying out a creeping treachery within the leadership.

How long the Syrian government will thus act as a functional piece is not very easy to say. This seems only possible when the situation of chaos is decreasing fast and when the Syrian President relies on his allegedly power and finally shows that he has noticed the needed steps when it comes to the government and specific people. The criticism on the Information Ministry and other Ministries in Syria is no accident.

After all, more and more forces are fighting for the destruction of Syria, even if they get no “official approval” for an intervention. The mentioned forces, that supported not only by the West, but were and are also equipped and trained by some foreign powers, will not stop. They will fight until they have achieved their questionable goals, which are even not always congruent between different armed groups.

There will always be people that can buy and then run treason from within. The position of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is, despite the huge support of the majority in Syria, no more absolutely sure since quite some time.

In the news and the debates of the great warmonger organizations and states, these foreign forces make no secret out of it that they are convinced that the time of al-Assad has already expired (for them) and that they are already planning the reorganization of Syria after the overthrow (perhaps better, the murder) of Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus.

These questionable discussion points were again recently announced by Panetta in a preprint of his speech which he will deliver in front of the American-Turkish Council. Both, Washington and Ankara, are going to continue to support the overthrow of the Syrian President al-Assad and also carry out the steps which are needed for this aim.
As the journalist Anhar Kochneva has stated, the U.S. administration could blackmail the Turkish government since a long time. This seems even more possible when one knows the fact that the U.S. is currently also blackmailing the German government. This is no real secret in the ranks of Middle East-expert and people from government-related agencies and organizations, e.g. such like the German State Criminal office and its experts on these topics.

Of course, Panetta is using interesting words, especially considering that Turkey had completely different interests before the crisis and cultivated good relations with Syria. But threats by the U.S. are no kindergarten and the Turkish government knows very well, to what the U.S. government is capable to do. Not to mention that the Turkish hopes to join the European Union (EU) makes the Turkish government to a further lap dog, or better said, to a further bloodhound of the United States.

The so-called “international community”, or better worded, the UN, EU and NATO want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So far they have not found no real practical idea for Syria, at least, no real strategy which is easy to implement; only “ideas” which also harm and violate the population, but that is no side effect, but also a target of the United States and the known “Salvador option” more