Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Syria: Russia's Response To Clinton's Outrageous Accusation On Supplying Helicopters To Syria.

Russia’s state-owned defense export company, responding to claims made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said it is not supplying attack helicopters to Syria, while a Russian expert said the US has no moral authority to lecture to Russia.

The sole intermediary agency for Russia's export and import of defense-related products, Rosoboronexport, refusing to comment directly on the statement made by Hillary Clinton, did offer that the company does not supply military equipment to foreign countries that fall under international sanctions.

"Rosoboronexport as a state intermediary of the Russian Federation does not supply to foreign countries weapons and military equipment in breach of the UN Security Council requirements and other international agreements," an official representative of Rosoboronexport told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

The source would not comment on whether helicopters have or have not been shipped to Syria, which is witnessing a sharp spike in hostilities between pro-government and opposition forces. The conflict has helped to fuel heated rhetoric between Russia and the United States as to which side of the internal strife is the main perpetrator of the violence.

While Washington seems to be throwing its weight behind the Syrian political opposition, Moscow, which has refused to take sides in the crisis, is calling for both sides to abide to the conditions set down by the Kofi Annan ceasefire plan.

Set out by former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, the plan calls for both sides to immediately lay down their more