Friday, June 8, 2012

#Syria: #US #Israel New Line Of Propaganda For NATO Strikes - 'Won't Someone Think Of The Children' ?

by Scott Creighton

It is being “reported” that the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) is receiving reports that children are being tortured by the Syrian regime.

Reuters, the Associated Press, Voice of America, and other propaganda disseminating instruments are claiming that Syria is routinely torturing children and the reports are sure to spread to other “news” agencies across the false political spectrum in the next few hours.
As I read these articles I notice several things: Not only is there no link to the CAT report claiming Syria is torturing children, but many of them make the claim in the headlines of the articles then go on to offer absolutely nothing in terms of even quotes from the supposed report dealing with child torture. Take the Reuters Africa article as an example. Or the MSNBC story. Not a word actually from this alleged report about child torture to be found anywhere in the articles.

That’s because there is no such report. I checked the UN Committee Against Torture’s website and no such report exists.

However, there is a Sept. 2011 report on the UN Committee Rights of a Child website that claims Syria is now agreeing to two conditions on their agreement that they had previously had issues with and that the real threat to the welfare of Syrian children would be imposing harsher sanctions.

All of these apparently unfounded claims are based on a statement made by the chair of the UN Committee Against Torture, Claudio Grossman. Grossman is a resident of the District of Columbia and a dean of graduate studies at the CIA linked American University. This is part of the statement issued by Grossman… more