Friday, June 1, 2012

#Syria : #USA #NATO Backed Butchers To Massacre The People Of Syria.PLUS The CIA MI6 Assassination Plot In 2003.

Editor's Comment: In his article, "Hands Off Syria!" Chris Marsden does a good job of reasserting and explaining the West's malicious scheme leading to the bombing and Libyanization of Syria. But he's careful with his analysis of the perpetrators of the Houla Massacre - too careful:
"However, even if the account advanced by the opposition is wholly true—that most lives were lost due to sectarian murders committed by pro-regime Alawaite militias after initial shelling by the armed forces of opposition bases—Houla is only one terrible example of the innumerable atrocities taking place in Syria."
The same stories were told by the corporate media about the massacres in Iraq. It should now be obvious to everyone that neither, the Syrian government nor "pro-regime" sectors of the population executed the slaughter in Houla. Admittedly, ours is an argument from silence but the silence is in our face crying out. Why would Assad, the Syrian government or pro-government militias attack their own people - for any reason - and especially knowing how such attacks will be used against them.
These mass murders are being committed by the same ilk who butchered Libya last year. Israel, the U.S., France, England and their international mafia, La Cosa NATO are directly involved in the slaughter of civilians in Syria to justify an impending no-fly zone followed by massive bombardment, "regime-change" and a new puppet government, paving the way for war with Iran. To accept any possibility that the corporate media's story may have a grain of truth about the Houla massacre is to allow a crack in the Dike of Truth. .....rread more

PLUS CIA MI6 Assassination Plot For Syria In The Year 2003.